Grade 3 Curriculum

Primary Curriculum List
These are the materials I use on a daily (or almost daily) basis! Our method is school-at-home, so we try to purchase materials that follow the common core standards.

Third Grade Vocabulary Success
This book is full of fun and varied activities to increase your student's vocabulary. Each word list begins with the vocabulary term, pronunciation, part of speech, and definition. Like all Sylvan books, the answers are printed in the book so children can check their own answers.

The Complete Book of Reading, Grades 3-4
Three sections make up this book - Reading Comprehension, Grammar (Language Arts), and Phonics. We use only the Reading Comprehension and Grammar sections. Well organized, each section is divided by skills with the title of the skill at the bottom of the page. Varied and fun activities keep students engaged. Love this series!

Spectrum Math, Grade 3
My favorite math series. Spectrum Math books teach the common core standards in way that is easy to understand. Skills are taught in a logical order, with each skill building on the next.

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Science, Grade 3
This textbook is fabulous! Each chapter is well explained and easily read independently by my homeschooler. Included are science experiments, lesson and chapter comprehension questions, and connections to other subjects (like art, writing, etc.). With every page exploding with full color photography or full-color illustrations, science really comes to life!
If only Evan Moor would make more of these books! Full-color activities supplement your science curriculum. My homeschooler is always asking for more of these centers. 
Excellent resource with full color photographs, comprehension questions, and activity ideas. 

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