Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chasing Vermeer Activities {FREE Printable Links}

Time flies when you're having fun. And yesterday, book club just flew by! Madeline's selection was Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliet.

A member surprised us with pentominoes!

Vocabulary Bingo

Examples of vocabulary bingo cards

I used Print-Bingo to create vocabulary bingo cards. The caller's cards were cut from our vocabulary definitions printed on cardstock.

Print your own vocabulary list and definitions from Scholastic's Chasing Vermeer Teacher's Guide.

To make the bingo cards reusable, I slid them into plastic sheet protectors. The kids circled or drew a line through the called words with a dry erase marker. After there was a winner, they just wiped their cards clean :)

Next book club, it might be fun to add places in the book as well as characters to the bingo cards. I'm always looking to change it up!

Pentomino Rectangle Activity
A book club member surprised us by bringing pentomino sets! The kids tried to make as many rectangles as they could. If they completed a rectangle, they had the option of helping another student or making more rectangles. Most chose to help other students, which I thought was really cool!

Madeline is obsessed with pentominoes thanks to this book. The plastic pentominoes were so addictive, I ordered a set for her. My toddler will probably love working with them too, albeit at her own ability level.

Looking for free pentomino printables? Scholastic has this printable set. The sturdier the pentomino, the easier they are to manipulate. You might want to print on cardstock or construction paper, or possibly even laminate them.

Puzzling Pentominoes games and scavenger hunt
Pentomino Puzzles for math/geometry

Character Name Acrostic Poem
We discussed how to write acrostic poems and viewed examples. Then students picked a character name from one of the 12:

  • Petra Andalee
  • Frank Andalee
  • Norma Andalee
  • Calder Pillay
  • Walter Pillay
  • Yvette Pillay
  • Isabel Hussey
  • Louise Sharpe
  • Tommy Segovia
  • Zelda Segovia
  • Vincent Watch
  • Xavier Glitts {a.k.a. Fred Steadman}

Using a character name, they created their own poem describing that character. They could choose to write a descriptive word for each letter or a descriptive phrase. Then each homeschooler read their poem aloud.

Chasing Vermeer Literature Unit 
To save time, I purchased a premade literature unit. It was awesome and totally worth the $10 price for a whopping 98 pages!

I will definitely purchase more units. This was my first time doing so, and I was so impressed by the quality. There is no way I could reproduce this print-ready unit without hours and hours of work.

Some of the activities included was a vocabulary list {students add their definitions}, chapter discussion questions, an art comparison activity {real Vermeer v. fake}, tons of writing prompts, pentomino activities, and more ideas for activities than I could ever imagine.

Here's a complete list of the unit components:
  • Short Answer Comprehension Questions
  • Short Answer TEST
  • 12 Project Challenges
  • Cover Analysis (2 cover options)
  • Bookmark for writing story elements (2 cover options)
  • Art Evaluation and Two Voice Poetry Sheets (2)
  • Painting Evaluations and Questions (3)
  • Real and Fake Vermeer Evaluation
  • Compare/Contrast Two Paintings
  • Vermeer Signature Evaluation
  • Puzzling Pentomino Worksheets
  • Creative Pentomino Project
  • Chapter Title Connection Chart
  • Character Motivation/Role/Impact Chart
  • #12 Coincidences Chart
  • Artifact Analysis- for Quill Feather
  • Book Quotes Analysis (6)
  • Figurative Language Sheets (10)
  • RAFT Writing Prompts (10)
  • Two Cover Comparison with Questions
  • Vocabulary Packet, 54 words and blank sheets
  • Frog Beanbag Project
  • Frog Report Writing Sheets

There is no way we could ever finish all the activities in this unit during a book club meeting. But I will definitely incorporate these into our homeschool curriculum!

Enjoy all the activities and happy reading :)

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