Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Review: Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren {Activity Links}

It's a beloved classic! Our homschool book club {grades 3-6} read Pippi Longstocking for the April meeting.

Madeline took turns between laughing outrageously and being completely horrified by Pippi's behavior. Mostly, it was laughing outrageously!

Pippi Lonstocking is a very unique little girl living all alone. Without parents, she governs her own behavior. Pippi tries to make sense of the world that thinks very differently than she does.

Each chapter is like it's own short story focusing on a particular event. At first, the town isn't so pleased with Pippi's antics. But she eventually wins them over and saves the day!

Saving time is one of my favorite things, so I bought Characters, Plot, and Setting and Pippi Longstocking worksheets. The book club homeschoolers absolutely LOVED the Characters, Plot, and Setting activities. There were so many things to do that we could only complete just a few. But they were all a hit!

The worksheet link is primarily reading comprehension questions. I printed them cut out the individual questions. Each child took a question from a bag and read it to the group. Then they discussed the questions. It's awesome because they govern themselves and are so excited to share what they've read :)

Pippi Longstocking:  GSCNC Book Club Meeting Guide
Discussion/Comprehension Questions via
Printable Pippi Paper Dolls via
Pippi Longstocking smock via Muffins and More
Pippi Apron Inspiration via {Would be great made of a large paper grocery bag, too!}

I'm dying to make Pippi Lonstocking smocks for the girls! So cute for summer if you sew.

We'd rate Pippi 5 of 5 stars! Lots of humor to show kids just how lucky they really are to have parents who love them :)

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