Friday, September 12, 2014

Trying to get kids excited about Science? Lego robotics!

First FLL Meeting : Building an EV3 Robot via
Our newly built EV3 robot, built at our very first First Lego League team meeting!

During the summer, one of my homeschooling friends had the fantastic idea to field a First Lego League (FLL) team with children in our homeschool group. I had never even heard of FLL.

There was so much interest that we were able to form 2 teams! Madeline's team has 6 members (ages 8-11) and this week was our very first meeting. Of course, I volunteered to be the robotics coach because I'm absolutely crazy ;)

Two team members built a basic robot from instructions. It isn't the final version of our robot. But to practice the programming tutorials a robot is necessary. Can you believe they built this in less than an hour?

Side View of EV3 via
Lego EV3 Robot Side View

The robot will need to interact with various components called mission modules. While one team was building the robot, the other two pairings built mission modules.

FLL :  Scale Mission Module 2014 via
Scale Mission Module : 2014 World Class Challenge

FLL Mission Module via
Mission Module in Progress : 2014 World Class Challenge

FLL Cloud Mission Module : 2014 World Class via
Cloud Mission Module : 2014 World Class Challenge

Cloud Mission Module : 2014 World Class via
Alternate view of Cloud Mission Module : 2014 World Class Challenge

With over 10 mission modules total, we still have quite a bit more to build. All the kids LOVE constructing the mission modules. And working on the robot. And playing with the robot.

Did I mention they like the robot?

The robot building duo even finished with enough extra time to start a mission module as well. What can I say? Except that my heart is bursting with pride for these talented and driven homeschoolers...

This weekend, my husband has volunteered to guide me through the robot software tutorials. I can't wait!

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