Monday, March 10, 2014

What Makes a Great Park for Homeschoolers {Plus St. Patrick's Day Party}

Our homeschool group celebrated St. Patty's Day a little early on Friday. Most parks in our area cater to little kids, not school-age children. But Kidd Springs is great for homeschoolers!

Ginormous play area for big kids!

You can't see it from the picture, but this playground is in a U-shape. It's awesome, fun, and big. Everyone loves it. Especially me since it's so close to my house ;)

My Criteria for a Great Homeschool Park
-- Have equipment for big kids
-- Open space for field games like soccer, football, tag, etc.
-- Clean restrooms {usually from a rec center or pavilion nearby}
-- Ample picnic areas or tables
-- Have little kid play areas for younger siblings
-- Trails for nature exploration
-- Drive up parking away from a busy street

Kidd Springs has everything on this list! There is a playground for big kids plus a cable web and large rock boulder for climbing. It has soccer and baseball fields. The newly renovated recreation center houses clean bathrooms. Picnic tables and trash receptacles are available in ample amounts. And a nature trail circles a geese/duck-filled pond!

But the little ones aren't left out. They have a playground too.

Little kids can enjoy slides, a faux rock climb, ladders,
car wheels, a tower, and steps

Paved paths beg you to draw an alphabet or number hopscotch. Or just make chalk art!

Madeline drawing an alphabet hopscotch for little sister

As homeschoolers, my kids don't celebrate holidays with their 'class'. I think it's really important to be part of a group for our kids to socialize with their peers and get their party on! 

Big smiles at the park

The day began chilly, hence the coat. But the sun came out and warmed us up! And pizza + cake makes everything better, right?

Madeline helped bake a vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. Because as she says, a party isn't a party without cake! So yummy and delicious.

Pictures of the party table proved difficult, so there aren't any. With the wind, everything flew like frisbees!

Hope you are having the opportunity to get outside and have some fun, too :)

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