Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reading Chasing Vermeer by Blue Baillet

Oops! Madeline and I got so caught up reading Flood and Fire that we need to play catch up on our homeschool book club selection.

Time to remedy that! So we switched gears and are halfway through Chasing Vermeer by Blue Baillet.

I must say, it was really hard putting Flood and Fire to the side. But we'll pick up where we left off once Chasing Vermeer is finished.

Luckily, it's only 21 chapters. Which seems short compared to Flood and Fire's 41 chapters!

At first, Madeline kept telling me that it wasn't as exciting as Flood and Fire. Now she's keeping a notebook to jot down clues to help her solve the mystery. So cute!

But I have noticed she's not dying to read the next chapter like other books. Not sure if we will continue with this series. Guess that is dependent on the ending. Which I've already read...but it really matters what Madeline thinks of the ending.

Homeschool book club is next week, so stay tuned for all our activities and fun!

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