Thursday, January 29, 2015

Unstructured Art with Vibrant Liquid Watercolors

If you are looking for exceptional, vibrant watercolors -- try Colorations liquid watercolors. After discovering them online at Discount School Supply, I splurged and bought a ton of colors. That first shipment has lasted over 2 years!!!

The pages are rippled a bit...just plain copy paper. As much as we paint, it's not cost-effective to use watercolor paper very often. 

Intense saturation with liquid watercolors via
Vibrant, bold rainbow and splatters

Intense, saturated liquid watercolors - homeschool unstructured art - via
Gorgeous green stripes

I know...the cake/pot watercolors are easy, cheap, and convenient. But they usually are so low in saturation! Especially these opalescent ones. 

Pale opalescent cake watercolors - via
These are so light, barely visible in finished artwork.
Madeline still loves to experiment with them.

For projects where a light wash is desired, dilute the liquid watercolors with as much water as desired. Bonus, your watercolors last a long time that way ;)

The kids love rich, saturated color. So we mainly use the watercolors as-is, right out of the bottle.

Using plastic condiment containers makes setup easy. Usually, I try to fill the little containers about one (1) centimeter high.

These watercolors have lots of pigment! Just a small amount gives intense, saturated color. One centimeter high of 5-6 colors will easily yield 5-6 paintings on 8.5" x 11" paper.

Reusable liquid watercolor storage - via
Most times, there is nothing left to save!

Cleanup is a breeze. Rinse your containers with water and reuse them next time. These plastic containers (originally purchased over 2 years ago) are still in great shape.

Last painting session, a little green was left over. No problem.

How to store leftover liquid watercolor paint - via
Too precious to throw your paint.

Simply pop on the lid and use for the next art session! You might need to add a bit of water before painting to reconstitute if any evaporation occurs.

Now go rock out some watercolors!

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