Monday, February 2, 2015

Tip/ Making Cursive Practice Fun

One glance at these, and my homechooler started BEGGING to practice her daily cursive handwriting.

Gel pens make cursive handwriting fun - via
Gel pens...glitter, neon, and metallic

She can choose any color, but her writing must be easy to read. Other than that, no rules. With 48 colors to choose from, every lesson is an exciting opportunity to try something new.

The first pen Madeline chose was neon pink! I've noticed the neon pens have a tendency to skip. Since switching to the other types, she hasn't had a problem. The ink flows easily and consistently. 

Of course, the glitter and metallic are her favorites.

Fiskars gel pen package - label view

Mine came online from Amazon, but you could probably find them locally at your favorite craft store. Most likely, they'll be in the scrapbook section. 

Traditional schools might turn their nose up at colored pens for handwriting practice. Oh, well...I can be a bit of a nonconformist. But why do something the boring way? Especially when it can be so much FUN!

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