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Book Review/ Spirit Animals Book 1: Wild Born by Brandon Mull {Study Guide, Discussion Question Links}

Spirit Animals Book 1 Wild Born - Book Review Plus Study Guide and Discussion Question Links

Fast paced adventure for even the most reluctant readers! 

Spirit Animals: Wild Born is an adventure packed ride. Even the most reluctant readers will be drawn into the story. My third grader flew through this book!

The author has an amazing knack for incorporating story elements from here and there -- and yet somehow it all works together. 

Recognize any of these story elements? A reluctant, street savvy hero (Han Solo), powerful animals/creatures who can emerge at their companion's directive (Pokemon), the Fallen who sacrificed their lives for another world/species (Transformers), a villain in exile plotting his return (Sauron), the Greencoats whose only allegiance is to protect their world (Jedi) get idea. Lots of archetypal characters.

Geography buffs will enjoy the word play between Erdas and Earth: Artica (Artic), Eura (Europe), Amaya (South American Maya), and Nilo (Nile).

Despite the vocabulary not being as challenging as other books in this age range, there were still new words to learn. Expect a quick, popular fiction read. At 202 pages, Spirit Animals: Wild Born is a bit short side. Have the sequels ready!

As the series continues, the authors change. Probably to keep a certain publishing schedule. As a result, we've happily discovered several new authors (Tui T. Sutherland is our favorite so far).

Wild Born is our first book from by Brandon Mull. He has also written two other series, Fablehaven and Five Kingdoms. Both seem really popular!

Long ago, the Spirit Animals and their companions battled to banish evil from Erdas. Four Spirit Animals (wolf, leopard, panda, and falcon) sacrificed their lives to bring peace. Yet now, the animals have fulfilled an ancient prophecy by returning.

Newly bonded to children companions (Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan), the Four Fallen must once again help banish the dark force from Erdas. Greencoats have pledged to help train, guide, and battle side by side with the children.

But before being reunited with the other three Fallen, Abeke and her leopard are intercepted by the enemy! Will Abeke believe the rebels? Which side will she ultimately fight for?

Spirit Animals: Wild Born is a must read for boys and girls who love fantasy and animal books. As a mom of girls, I appreciate the strong, capable heroines of Abeke and Meilin. Thank you, Mr. Mull and Scholastic, for writing smart, brave, talented heroines with some pretty awesome skills!

M's top adjectives for Spirit Animals: Wild Born -- adventurous, exciting, amazing.

Study Guide via Scholastic
Lesson Plan/Discussion Questions with Common Core correlations via Scholastic

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