Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby Ducklings & Frolicking Turtles

The weather has been so beautiful lately. While walking the trails at our favorite park, we spotted eight little ducklings and their mama. What a wonderful surprise!

After swimming for a bit, they headed into a low and muddy area to walk around. So ADORABLE! How could we not stop and watch these little precious creatures?

Horace the Honker on baby safety patrol

A big brown goose we call Horace was intently trailing the little ones. We think he's a boy because he is quite aggressive and dominant

Horace is very protective of all the ducks and geese at the park! He always seems to be on safety patrol, keeping all the other fowl safe and well watched over.

We counted a total of eight ducklings!

Sophie and Madeline were so enamored with the ducklings, they decided to sit on the rocks at the edge of the pond for a while. 

From the walking path, we could see the turtles everywhere. We counted well over twenty! Lots seemed to be hiding in the moss and grasses close to shore.

These turtles kept on the move, diving and resurfacing.

One is sunning on a rock. Can you find the other two?
They are well camouflaged!

After walking around the pond and spotting turtles, we headed back to the trails. What is it about bridges and ramps? Kids just love them. Sophie and Madeline went over this little set of bridges about five times before continuing the walk.

What a fantastic morning! It's days like this that I am so thankful we homeschool. And we still had plenty of time for lessons in the afternoon :)

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