Thursday, May 1, 2014

PreK Motor Development: Free Painting

To help with writing readiness, I'm trying to develop Sophie's little hand muscles. Lately, she's been really interested in painting.

Oh, the look of concentration...

Nope, it's not winter...but an old holiday tablecloth is a FREE
resource for protecting work surfaces

Sometimes she likes to paint with individual colors, like the pictures above. Other times, she mixes all the colors together and the whole painting is just one big blob of brown. Lots of experimentation on her part :)

It's become obvious that she'll be left handed. When she was smaller, she'd use her right and left hands. Now, her left hand has become dominant. I'm a bit anxious about teaching her to hold the writing implements correctly. Hopefully, it won't be a problem. Please share any tips for righties teaching lefties!

Time to definitely buy some left handed scissors. Any recommendations? 

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