Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dallas Children's Theater: Charlotte's Web

After the show photo op with Charlotte

Madeline loves to go the theater! This Saturday, we spent some time just us two at Dallas Children's Theater's {DCT} production of Charlotte's Web. It's slightly more expensive than a movie ticket, but such a bargain for the quality of the show and cast :)

This heartwarming tale about friendship and loyalty is truly a classic. Madeline and I both cried during Wilbur and Charlotte's last conversation. When Charlotte's natural life cycle ends, the theater went absolutely silent. Never has such a kid-packed venue been so quiet! As Charlotte's babies were born, the place erupted into excited squeals.  

The actors were phenomenal! Madeline's favorite characters were Fern and Charlotte. I thought the whole cast was wonderful - but my favorite was Templeton, the rat. His over the top dramatics were HILARIOUS.

Run time was approximately an hour and a half. This was the first kids performance we've been to with an intermission. Still, the entire show kept the children's attention.

An amazing perk of attending DCT's productions is taking photos with the cast after the performance. The actors also signed programs with the name of their character. What a special opportunity to see the actors up close and in costume! Madeline made sure to tell each actor that she enjoyed their performance.


Gander and Goose

Little Lambs

The program noted that several of the child actors were homeschooled! Madeline didn't seem too interested in taking drama classes or trying out. For now, she's content enjoying the productions from the audience :)

In the meantime, DCT is wrapping up their season. And we can't wait for the 2014 - 2015 schedule!

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