Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Math Curriculum Grade 3/ Final Exam

Our worn Spectrum Math cover
One of the best parts of the Spectrum series is their tests - pretests, chapter tests, mid-term tests, and final tests. They definitely help give you an idea of your student's skill mastery.

This week, we are working through our final exam! Madeline should finish her final test by Friday. Monday, we'll start Spectrum Math Grade 4.

Because she always asks for MORE math work, we've been adding application practice from Third Grade Super Math Success. Rather than pages of equations, the book is full of fun puzzles, games, and activities to apply the common core concepts.

A few months back, Madeline tried a couple Khan Academy online lessons. Although the video instructions were wonderful, they disappear when the math equations/questions come up. Having to toggle back and forth from the explanation to the math problems frustrated her. Thinking about it now, why not just open them both in separate windows?

This week, she asked to retry the online lessons. Perhaps with her increased computer skills, she is more confident to give Khan Academy another try. I am curious to see how our experience goes the second time around...

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