Friday, February 6, 2015

Writing/ Using Literature Based Writing Prompts

Are they right for you?
Time to change our writing curriculum. Even though I love Writing Curriculum: Grade 3 (Week-by-Week Lessons), it became apparent that the daily writing prompts and weekly lessons were not interesting Madeline any longer.

Fictional literature, on the other hand, interests her greatly. She possesses a voracious, insatiable appetite for literature! 

What to do with the rest of our curriculum's writing prompts? Scrap 'em. Instead, I'm creating prompts from her favorite books (see examples).

Keeping up with Madeline's reading is a huge challenge. She is a reading machine. Even though I'm nearly done with Seven Wonders: Lost in Babylon (book two), Madeline has already moved onto book three!

Literature based prompts have reinvigorated daily journal writing. The transformation from September to February is absolutely staggering. So much progress!

If you are looking for a way to make your daily journaling more enticing, try literature-based writing prompts. It has worked incredibly well for us.

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