Monday, April 14, 2014

New Crop Additions ~ Crazy Pink Blueberries!

Ever seen bright pink blueberries? Me either, until a recent visit to my favorite local nursery. They were calling my name, and I just couldn't bear not to give them a try in the outdoor classroom ;)

Blueberry variety 'Pink Lemonade'

Blueberries produce better yields if planted near another plant of a different variety, so I chose a traditional blueberry for the second plant. To ensure cross pollination between the two, they'll be planted next to a butterfly bush that bees and butterflies love!

If you've never grown blueberries, they are acid loving plants. So definitely invest in some soil acidifier if you do not have acidic soil! Dallas soil is not acidic at all, so a few scoops of acidifier are added to my camillas every month to keep them happy and healthy. Now I'll just add a few scoops to the blueberries at the same time.

So far the traditional blueberry has a ton of flowers and fruit. The pink one doesn't have nearly as many, but it also has fewer leaves so I'm thinking that it may just fruit later in the season. Only time will tell!

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