Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter {Andy Why I Refuse Store Bought Baskets}

All smiles on the egg hunt

I hope your holiday was fantastic! The kids had so much fun playing and not stuffing their faces with candy. My secret to holiday fun without hyper kids?  I refuse to buy any store bought Easter baskets.

It's tempting to buy your Easter baskets at the big box stores already stuffed. It's convenient, I get it. But it's disappointing spending a ton of money on junk.

If you want a big basket full of goodies, it seems like $50 is the minimum you can spend. But all you get in return is a basket full of candy and really cheap toys that the kids will never use beyond Easter. Or worse, toys that break on Easter!

Just nix most of the candy. Instead, my girls get a few toys that will get lots of use. It's not cheaper than buying premade baskets, but they actually PLAY with their goodies...for a long time. 

This year's hit was a bubble blower. Hello Kitty for Sophie and Disney Princess for Madeline. They LOVED them! 

So much easier for the little ones to blow bubbles this way!

Bubbles everywhere, including Madeline's hair

Some of the bubble liquid spilled...can you spot it?

Other toys ~ Ty beanbag kittens for both, a Lego set for Madeline, and a pony helicopter for Sophie. As for candy, just two large eggs. One stuffed with mini-chocolates and the other with Starbursts. 

Never once have they complained that they'd rather have more candy and less toys. And rather than eating candy and getting over hyper, they are worn out at the end of the day from active play  :)

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