Monday, February 3, 2014

All Dressed Up for the Dallas Opera

Who really knows how to throw a kid-friendly performance?
The Dallas Opera! Tickets were only $5/person, super affordable. Living so close to downtown, Dad dropped us off so we could avoid parking and walking in the cold weather.

The Winspear Opera House couldn't have been more beautiful. 
The chandelier is just stunning! Promise to get a picture of that next time. The individual lights ascended into the ceiling before I could snap a one.

Before the performance, kids could make opera masks, dress up in costume, and try various instruments.

Pictures on the red carpet at the costume station

A turn on the violin at the musical petting zoo

A whirl on the cello. So much fun, we are considering cello lessons!

Madeline was so excited waiting for the performance to start! Ever since she was a baby, she has loved opera music. Definitely inherited her fondness for opera from her Grandpa. He would be so thrilled to have been able to attend an opera with this smiling little face...

Excitement before the performance

My absolute favorite part was when the singers would belt out a crazy, beautiful, powerful, amazing note. And Madeline would turn to me, mouth open in astonishment. "Did you hear that?!?", she'd whisper.

Can't wait for the next family performance!

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