Monday, February 10, 2014

Why We Homeschool ~ Schedule Flexibility

Why we homeschool is one of the most common questions we receive!
We never planned on homeschooling, but that is where our path has led. It just makes sense for our family. And right up at the top of the list is schedule flexibility.

The school day for 1st grade was so long! Madeline arrived at 7:40am and was not dismissed until 3:40pm. Additionally, she had 2-3 hours of homework per night. That didn't leave room for much else. And she was 6! Our child was tired, stressed, and downright miserable.

What we realized is that school was dictating our life. 
It dictated when my daughter woke up, what she did during the day, and what we as a family could do after school. As in, there was no time for anything -- no time for dance/art/enrichment of any kind, no time for family games or fun, no time for play, no time to relax -- because of the large homework load. Ultimately, that was unacceptable to us.

We took back control of our own life choices and family schedule. 
Now instead of waking up at the crack of dawn, my daughter wakes between 7am-8am. She's well rested and not a zombie! She can eat breakfast with her sister and start the day ready to focus. Lessons usually take 3 - 4 hours a day. And guess what, we still travel as fast {if not faster} through our curriculum than many traditional schools.

Portable curriculum means we can learn anywhere

Not being tied to a classroom means we can learn anywhere, anytime.
If the weather is nice, the backyard is our classroom. Little sister can play while big sister works through her lessons. Between the garden, the sand/water table, and the playhouse ~ there is always something for little sister to explore.

Roses, roses, roses!

Our much loved playhouse

Barrel plantings at children's level

Picnics are a big hit in the backyard. Sometimes we even pack a lunch or grab takeout and go to the park for an hour or two. Kids + mom + fresh air = happiness! 

The BIG rocket at Lake Cliff Park

Swinging at Stevens Park {a.k.a. Toddler Park}

Climbing at Klyde Warren Park

Little kids area at Lake Cliff Park

And when Dad arrives home, there's plenty of time to spend together.
Evenings are cherished family time. We read every night, usually some type of novel or the monthly homeschool book club selection. Alternately, we might read a shorter book relating to one of our subject units.

Our flexible homeschool schedule makes for a stress-free day!
There's plenty of time for learning and plenty of time for fun :)

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