Monday, February 24, 2014

Enchanted Learning Science Printables {Online Resource}

If your child loves Science, definitely check out Enchanted Learning. So many fun printable books, activities, and craft ideas to incorporate into your lessons! Even though they offer printables for many different topics, their Science ones are our favorite.

Front cover of our animal classification book
 insects, birds, amphibians, fish, worms, crustaceans, mammals, 
reptiles, and arachnids

Such a time-saver to just print and click. Last year I bought an annual subscription to their site, which was only about $20.

So worth it for the amazing variety of printable activities and books! No profit for me to recommend them either. Their site is just too good not to share :)

For the easier books, I create labels with textbook information to reinforce terminology, characteristics, or vocabulary. Then the labels get all scrambled up!

Madeline sorts through the labels and adds them to the appropriate pages. It's a perfect opportunity to apply what she is learning.

Animal classifications bird page 
{with extra characteristics added in}

Animal classifications insect page 
{with extra characteristics added in}

As you can tell, Madeline loves using her colored pencils! Now you know why we need an electric pencil sharpener :)  These pages were completed with our animal unit in the fall.

pumpkin book provided activities for our plant unit. Again, we added details in from our textbook. This time, it was to reinforce vocabulary terms.

Handwritten vocabulary terms pasted onto
our pumpkin life cycle page

After starting with the easier books, we tried some that were a bit more challenging. The first two pictures in the collage are from a butterfly life cycle book. Each page is tabbed according to a stage in the cycle. It was a hit! Lots of information and a quiz at the end.

Details from a Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle book
and The Elephant book

The other two pictures are from a book about elephant characteristics. Madeline couldn't wait to go to zoo and try to differentiate between the two types of elephants by their ears :)

These a just a few snapshots of what Enchanted Learning offers. There are too many items and subjects to mention, just go to the website! Anyone can look at their activities. If you are more of a DYI person, it will give you plenty of ideas. But to print, you'll need a subscription. Which is dirt cheap for their product quantity and quality.

Space and the Solar System is our current unit. I'll definitely post some of our activities soon!

What about you? What are your favorite online resources for Science?

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  1. Great! There are too many items and subjects mentioned here. I would love to go to see all. I still miss my homeschooling days. Right now I am using curriculum from an accredited online homeschool.


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