Thursday, February 20, 2014

Flood and Fire: 9 Chapters Down, 32 to Go

Madeline and I are hooked on Flood and Fire. So far, we've not read less than 3 chapters a day. At the close of every chapter Madeline cries, "More! More!"

It's awesome finding exciting new books and authors through homeschool book club! My husband even congratulated me on gifting my daughter with the need to read :)

Starting with the first chapter, the story grips you! Oh, Lilly...out of the pot and into the frying pan. And poor Zeph, having to clean up his father's mess.

Unlike Raiders' Ransom, this second book is fast-paced from page 1.

Reading this book is bittersweet, since the third one {PLEASE let there be a third one} isn't published yet. Write fast, Ms. Diamand ~ we love your books!

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