Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Animals Inside Out ~ Anatomy Exhibit

Madeline just loves science and animals, so we decided to visit the Perot Museum for a homeschool field trip.

We waited until after lunch to head to the Perot. As we were walking  in, all the school field trips were heading back to their buses. It is so awesome to tour exhibits and museums at the least busy times :)

Smiles at the start of the exhibit

The exhibit Animals Inside Out was very interesting. Each animal is painstakingly preserved by the Plastination process, invented by Dr. von Hagens

A post at the exhibit entrance stated that no animals were harmed in during the process. But they are all preserved in some fashion, so they had to die by some means...Nonetheless, it was an incredibly fascinating look at the anatomy of animals!

As homeschoolers, we could never hope to amass the collection of specimens in this exhibit. 

So we couldn't let this field trip opportunity pass! Madeline's favorites were the animals that were completely intact or just skeletons. But I found them all fascinating:



Giant squid

Squid detail

This exhibit was amazing, fascinating, and thought provoking! 

Our rating:  5 of 5 stars. Find out more information about the exhibit online at Animals Inside Out.

We just love exhibits, how about you? Isn't it a great way to enrich your homeschool learning? Please share your favorite exhibit you've seen this school year. 

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