Friday, February 28, 2014

Science/Astronomy: the Solar System {Printable Links}

Astronomy is probably my favorite Science unit. Growing up, NASA was a four hour drive away in Houston. Everyone wanted to attend Space Camp and become an astronaut. Pardon my moment of nostalgia, I'm imagining blasting off into space. Okay, I'm back :)

To supplement our textbook lessons, Madeline made this printable book from Enchanted Learning.

Solar System Front Cover

Each page has facts, a picture/cross section,
and comprehension questions

Madeline consulted her textbook to make
sure the planets were colored realistically

Yes, that is Pluto tabbed in there. I purposely included Pluto even though it's not technically a planet anymore. It's a great reminder that what we believe to be scientific fact can change. 

This planet wheel was fun to make. It spins to reveal each planet's picture and characteristics. No Pluto though! 

Madeline got a kick out of the brass brad. She thought it looked like the sun at the center of the solar system. Great observation, kid :)

To discuss why Pluto was included in one resource and not the other, we read Pluto's Secret: An Icy World's Tale of Discovery. I highly recommend it! It's part fiction {story format featuring Pluto's thoughts and feelings} mixed with scientific facts and historical events.

The book starts with the search for Pluto, it's discovery, and ultimately...why it is no longer considered a planet. Students learn the new criteria for planets as of 2006.

Next up, the moon phases. Still thinking on that one. Maybe making the phases with glitter playdough? We'll see...

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